Flames of War WW2 British Army

Jancotoys bring you the wonderful world of Flames of War WW2 tabletop war games. Flames of war do everything you need to paint and play World War 2 war games from paints, figures, tanks, rule books and other items. The pre-war British Army was trained and equipped to be a small mechanized professional army. Its main function was to garrison the British Empire. It became evident during the war that its initial structure and manpower was woefully unprepared and ill-equipped for a war with multiple enemies on multiple fronts. The army, an all volunteer force until 1939, was small in comparison to its enemies at the start of the war in 1939. By the end of the war, over 3.5 million men had served in the British Army. The army was called on to fight around the world, starting with campaigns in Europe in 1940. After the Dunkirk evacuation, the army fought on in Africa, the Middle East, around the Mediterranean, and in the Far East. After a series of setbacks, retreats and evacuations, the British Army eventually, with its Allies, gained the upper hand.  Here we have WW2 British army the range covers troops, tanks like the Sherman Firefly, Cromwell and big guns as well as ground attack aircraft.

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